Pension Credit changes - advice is at hand

Published on 8th May 2019

From May 15, 2019, pensioners will no longer be able to apply for Pension Credit if their partner is of working age. They will need to apply for and claim Universal Credit instead until their partner reaches State Pension age.

Up until May 15 as long as one of the couple had reached state retirement age they could make a claim for pension credit if they were on a low income. Pension Credit has always been much more generous than working age benefits giving a couple a minimum income of £255.25 per week as opposed to £114.85 for working age benefits.

From May 15 if only one of a couple has reached retirement age they will have to either stay on their current benefits or make a claim for Universal Credit, all of which are paid at the lower amount, until their partner reaches retirement age. Example: If they are aged 67 and their partner is only 55, unless they claim Pension Credit now they will have to wait another 12 years before they can claim it.

You only have until August 14 to get your claim in as long as you would have been entitled to Pension Credit before May 15.

Berwickshire Housing Association is in the process of contacting of all their tenants they think may be affected by this change. If your birthday falls before February 6, you are not already claiming Pension Credit and you think you may be entitled, please contact BHA’s Financial Inclusion Team on 01361 884000 or email for free impartial advice and assistance.

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