How we are governed

How Berwickshire Housing Association is Governed

Berwickshire Housing Association is a registered society, registered social landlord and Scottish Charity. It reports annually to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) and the office of the Scottish Charities Regulator (OSCR).

We work closely with a number of organisations, including: Police Scotland, Scottish Borders Council and the Scottish Government.

The Association is managed on a daily basis by its Executive and Management teams. The Associations’ strategic direction and high level monitoring of performance and financial controls is the responsibility of its Board. The Board is made of volunteer members drawn from a wide cross section of our community and is led by a Convener supported by two Vice-Conveners. The Board has primary responsibility for:

  • Direction of the Organisation
  • Business plans
  • Annual budget
  • 30 and 5 year financial plan
  • Land sales and acquisitions
  • Major projects
  • Major changes in staffing structures
  • Changes in leadership team structures
  • New house building developments
  • New development projects of any kind
  • Business plans of subsidiary
  • Policies of the Association
  • Monitoring risk
  • Changes to brand
  • Treasury management
  • Spend over £25,000 outside planned maintenance contracts
  • Management Accounts
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Risk Register
  • Briefings on the Scottish Housing Regulator, local authority activity and practice, Scottish and UK government legislation and guidance
  • Receiving any inspection reports from the Regulator
  • Kept updated on new ideas and opportunities and giving guidance on whether they are of interest to the Association to pursue

The Board has two Committees that meet regularly throughout the year and work on delegated authority from the Board. The Committees are made up of Board members with a mixture of interest and skills who’s authority includes:

  • Receive management reporting and highlight key data for Board consideration
  • Monitor business plans for all entities to ensure that changes to plans are evaluated from a financial perspective
  • Input to the long term planning for the Association, including, for example, rent policy, asset management, development aspirations, cash flow and funding, pension arrangements and treasury management etc
  • Consider and make treasury management decisions for The Association under the delegated authority from the Board
  • Approve all financial and accounting policies
  • Monitor business plans for all entities to ensure that changes to plans are evaluated from a financial perspective
  • Oversee the financial reporting and disclosure process
  • Monitor choice of accounting policies and principles
  • Oversee the hire, monitor performance and independence of the internal and external auditors
  • Oversee regulatory compliance, ethics and whistleblower procedures
  • Monitor the internal control process
  • Oversee the performance of the audit function
  • Monitor existing projects highlighting key risks and any changes to risk to Trustees
  • Monitor the risk management framework of the Association and its subsidiary
  • Approve all of the internal control and fraud prevention policies
  • Oversee the operational plans for asset management including major refurbishment and cyclical repairs
  • Monitor new developments and feed in views and ideas about the specifications of the properties or the estates
  • Monitor the development of EESSH (Energy Efficiency Standard in Social Housing) within the timescale
  • Be consulted on key changes in any customer service that will directly affect tenants
  • Review the outcomes from the Group’s Health and Safety Committees and monitor compliance with relevant legislation
  • Review the Key Performance Indicators for Customer Services and ensure performance is actively managed for improvements
  • Review and approve contract awards

Board of trustees minutes