Consulting you on your rent

Our rent consultation 2021-22

Customer consultation is a regulatory requirement for all registered social landlords in Scotland to assure customers input and influence our decision-making process. In 2019-20, we consulted 242 customers on the proposed rent re-structure and rental increase percentage, last year we reached 327 customers on the proposed 2021-22 rental increase percentage. As we completed our third year of the online survey approach, we reached 591 customers which took place in November 2021.

Our investment in improving the quality, condition and standards of our homes will remain a key focus and objective in ensuring our homes reflect value for money. We will continue to seek to improve the person-centred nature of our service delivery, and we will find more effective and efficient means of delivering services to our customers which represent greater value for money.

Rent consultation results

Open the file below to view the results from our 2021-22 rent consultation