Getting to know you and your home better

Published on 13th May 2021

We are currently carrying out two important pieces of work around getting to know you and your home better.

The first of which is a Stock Condition Survey of our properties, which will allow us to assess the condition of your home.

The second survey is our Customer Insight Survey which will allow us to get to know you better. This will help improve our understanding of the information we hold about you, our customer, and to improve the way in which we can communicate with you in the future.

What is the Stock Condition Survey and what does it mean for your home?

All of our homes across Berwickshire will be surveyed to assess their condition – both the external parts such as roofs, chimneys, walls, gutters and drainpipes, garden paths, and the internal parts, including the kitchen, bathroom, heating, doors and windows.

As part of the condition survey, we gather information about energy efficiency in your home, for example wall and loft insultation.

What is the Stock Condition Survey for?

We carry out these surveys to update our information on the condition of your home and to tell us when components such as your roof, chimney or heating are likely to need replacing. This helps us to plan the right time to replace the components, and to ensure that we have the funds in place to carry out the programmes of replacement work, so that your home is well maintained.

The energy information we collect during the survey will let us target the homes which may need work to improve their energy efficiency, making them more cost effective to heat and helping the environment.

Who will carry out the Stock Condition Survey?

We have employed a surveying company, David Adamson & Partners, to carry out the surveys. All their surveyors will have photographic ID, and you can ask to see this.

We have sent you a letter, and your letter has a unique survey number for your home. It gives all the information about how the survey will be carried out and includes a FREEPHONE number so that you can contact the surveyors directly if you have any questions or concerns about the survey. If you quote your survey number, it will help the surveyor identify your property quickly.

What will be surveyed?

The external parts of your home, including any garden and common stairwells will be surveyed. This part of the survey will not require anyone to come into your home, but the surveyors may come into your garden, common garden area or stairwell. You do not need to be at home for these external surveys.

We will also be surveying some homes internally, and if your home is chosen for this survey, the surveyor will contact you. Please let the surveyor in to carry out the survey; if you cannot be at home at that time or if a card is left by the surveyor, you can arrange a time that is suitable to you.

The surveyor will show you their ID before coming into your home and ensure they follow all Covid safety measures.

When will the Stock Condition Survey be carried out?

The surveys will be carried out in two phases.

The first phase will start on Monday 10 May 2021 and should be finished by the end of July 2021. This will cover all the outside parts of your home, including gardens and stairwells and may include a survey of the inside.

The second phase will be the rest of the internal surveys and this will be carried out between August 2021 and March 2022. So, if the inside of your home is not surveyed in the first phase, you will be contacted at a later date to arrange this survey.

What happens with the survey information?

We will publish information about what the survey tells us later this year, along with our future plans for works to improve our homes.

Our Customer Insight Survey – Getting to know you better…

With a commitment to ensuring that we communicate effectively with all our customers, we’ve launched a survey that all our customers can take part in. We’ve also included access to this survey for any household members within your home over the age of 16 and would be delighted to receive this insight as well.

What is our Customer Insight Survey?

Essentially, it gives you a chance to provide us with details so that we can create a customer profile for you and be better informed about your personal requirements when you engage with us.

How does the Customer Insight Survey work?

Partnering with MMC Research & Marketing, we’ve launched a survey where customers can be in for a chance of winning one of three £100 Love2Shop shopping vouchers!

All you need to do is look out for your invite through the post, simply scan the QR code, or type into your web browser and insert your unique code which will be included in your letter.

Each question has a ‘prefer not to say’ option which means you can choose what you’d like to share with us and what you’d like to keep private.

When will the Customer Insight Survey be carried out?

The surveys will be open for your completion online from Tuesday 4th May 2021 and will close on Monday 28th June 2021. So, in order to be eligible to win one of three £100 Love2Shop shopping vouchers you must ensure you complete the survey within this timescale.

If you require any assistance to complete your survey or have not received your letter, simply contact our Customer Service Team on 01361 884000.

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