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We know that giving you the very best quality of repairs and service is very important to our tenants.

Does something in your home need fixing? – Tell us about it and we will make sure that this is fixed for you, it has never been easier just call our Repairs Hotline on 0800 652 8104 and speak to a dedicated Technical Assistant (during office hours) or with a Repairs Assistant at Hanover (outside office hours).  Calls are free from BT landlines and public telephones, but call charges from mobile phones and other providers may apply.

You can also email us the details of the repair you require along with your address and contact number or simply complete the following form:

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Emergency Repair

To report an emergency repair phone our 24 Hour Repairs Hotline on 0800 652 8104.

Emergency repairs are carried out as soon as possible when a problem or fault could be a risk to health or lead to serious structural damage to your house, such as burst pipes or major electrical faults. We will make your home safe within 6 hours but you must make access available within this time. We will usually try to complete the repair within 24 hours but, if materials or special services are required, this may take longer.

The following are examples of repairs that would NOT be classed as emergencies:

  • Faulty or choked WCs or waste pipes to sinks or wash hand basins, if you have similar facilities elsewhere in the property
  • Faulty immersion heater if you have an electric shower or other means of heating water
  • Leaking front or back door
  • Faulty door lock if you have alternative access (unless it can’t be locked overnight)

Repair by Appointment

You should report a repair as soon as possible by contacting the Response Repairs Team. There are three ways you can do this:

  • If you are in one of our offices use the red phone located in reception and speak to one of our dedicated Technical Assistants. A Housing Assistant will be on hand should you need any help or advice.
  • You can call our 24 hour Repairs Hotline on 0800 652 8104 to speak directly to one of our dedicated Technical Assistants. (Calls are free from BT landlines and public telephones, but call charges from mobile phones and other providers may vary.)

Gas Safety

If you suspect a gas leak or smell gas:

  • Turn off the gas appliance and isolate the gas at the meter
  • Open all doors and windows so the gas can escape
  • Put out cigarettes and do not use naked flames
  • Do not touch electrical switches
  • Phone the National Gas Emergency Service immediately by dialling 0800 111 999 and they will attend within one hour

If the Emergency Service Engineer should shut down your gas system to make it safe, please contact DALEX on 0800 038 5599. They will have your gas system repaired, usually within 24 hours.

Gas Safety Inspection

If your property has a gas supply you will be subject to an annual Gas Safety Inspection.

Gas safety in your home is important for us and for you and we must make sure that all gas appliances, flues and pipework within your home are safely maintained and checked once a year to make sure that the system is working efficiently and that your gas bill is kept to a minimum.

Please remember these key points for your Annual Gas Safety Check :

  • You must allow access if you have a gas supply pipe, gas central heating system or a gas fire provided by us in your property
  • We are legally obliged to conduct an Annual Gas Safety Check on all these appliances within 12 months of the previous safety check
  • DALEX, our approved contractor will contact you in advance of the due date of the next safety check to advise you when they intend to carry out the check. They will provide you with contact details if you wish to make alternative access arrangements
  • It is important that the safety check goes ahead before its due date
  • Failure to agree access with the contractor may result in BHA legally gaining access and you would be recharged for this action

Planned Maintenance

As part of our commitment to keeping your home in good repair we operate a planned maintenance programme to make sure your home is regularly maintained.

Condensation and How to Prevent It


Approved Contractors

Bob Lee
Brian Hall Joiner and Glazier
Charles F Inkpen Ltd
Cheviot Gardening Services Ltd
Dalex Systems Ltd
Dod Blaikie Joiner
Ewan Richardson Joiners
G.W. Cockburn Water and Drainage Services
Gregg Minto Plumbing and Heating
J W Grieve Border Gas Ltd
James Nairn Electrical Ltd
James Stewart & Son
James Swinton & Co Ltd
M C Fencing
Norman Lough
Peter Cox
R A Veitch Painter and Decorator
R M Markby Ltd
R3 Repairs Ltd
Robert Goodlet
Scott & Foggon Ltd

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