Get involved

Get involved

We would love our customers to get more involved with us and influence our decision making and services. Working together with our customers means we can share ideas, solve problems and make plans for the future together.

By taking part you will use your voice to make a difference on behalf of others, all with the aim of making our homes and services the best they can be.

Everyone is welcome to join in, there is no age restriction or expectation on how much time you can commit. Even contributing a small amount of your time will make a huge difference in how we develop our services.

If you would like to get involved or want to find out a little more first, you can have a quick chat with us by calling us on 01361 884000, or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Get involved today to make a difference for tomorrow

How can you get involved?

There are a variety of ways you can get involved – from something as simple as sending in your satisfaction form after a repair visit, all the way through to joining our Board of Trustees.

We want you to feel comfortable about getting involved, that is why we have a number of options for you to choose from.

To find out more click on the tabs below.

Becoming a member is very easy, it lets you influence what we do, how we do it and you can get involved as little or as much as you wish.

Being a member:

  • Is open to all
  • Costs just £1 for life
  • Means you are eligible to attend and vote at our Annual General Meeting
  • Allows you to stand for election to our Board of Trustees

If you are interested in becoming a member click here for more information: Membership Policy

Our newsletters and Annual Report help you keep up to date with what is going on here at BHA – they include news about changes to services, new services, details about our housing developments, information on planned improvements and much, much more.

We love to get feedback from our customers about the content and format of our newsletters and Annual Report. It’s really useful for us to hear what articles you found interesting and if there is anything you would like to hear more about.


Throughout the year we conduct a variety of consultations and surveys, these are a quick and easy way for our customers to get involved and share their views, opinions and ideas. Some examples of these are: –

  • Rent Consultation Survey – each year we conduct a Rent Consultation Survey where we seek the views of all our customers on the rent proposals for the new financial year. This is a great way for you to learn about what our plans are for spending on improvements, new services, planned maintenance and what any new proposed rent level may be.
  • Monthly Customer Satisfaction Survey – to make sure we capture customer satisfaction on a regular basis we work in conjunction with The Knowledge Partnership ( to carry out monthly Customer Satisfaction Survey telephone calls. When customers take part in these telephone surveys they are able to let us know what we are doing right and what we could do better, this then allows us the opportunity to pick up on any issues promptly and to make any necessary improvements as quickly as possible.
  • Repairs Satisfaction Slip – as a customer you can give us feedback on our repairs service by completing the satisfaction slip we send to you as part of the appointment booking process. Your feedback will help us to manage the repairs service more efficiently and effectively. It’s quick and easy to complete, pop it in the pre-paid envelope and send it back to us.

We would encourage all customers who are contacted about taking part in consultations and surveys to do so and let us know what they think. The feedback from these surveys really does help us to make improvements and let us know what is working well.

Don’t forget you can always let us know your thoughts on anything at anytime by using the feedback form that is available here on our website or send us a direct message via social media.

As a customer living in one of our Independent Living settings (Gowanlea Court, Boston Court and Linkim Court) you have the opportunity to get involved and share your views on our services each weekday at our daily coffee mornings. These coffee mornings are held in the communal lounge within each of the Courts and the times of these are displayed on the noticeboard in each venue.

We encourage you to pop along and enjoy a brew ‘n’ blether with your neighbours and chat with our Independent Living Housing Support Assistants.

Taking part in an Estate Walkabout is a great way for you to help our Neighbourhood Managers understand the needs and priorities of your area.

Our Neighbourhood Managers are out and about in our communities regularly, this is a great opportunity to chat with them and talk about any areas that you feel need to be improved, make suggestions and share ideas.

If you aren’t able to catch up with your Neighbourhood Manager while they are in your area you can still let us know your views by filling in the contact form below at a time that suits you.

Did you know anyone can set up a Residents’ Group?

A Residents’ Group is totally independent from us and is solely run by residents. They can be a great way to get together with people living in your local area or your street or building.

Together you can share information, support each other, run social events, or develop events that bring the community together.

By getting together, our customers and other local residents can have a bigger impact on helping us to recognise what’s important to them and their local community.

We are committed to helping anyone who would like to set up a Residents’ Group and develop it into a Registered Tenant Organisation (RTO).

Becoming a registered RTO helps to create more effective and robust links with us and extends our legal obligation to consult directly with the group.

We can support RTOs with grant applications and funding, the use of facilities and we might be able to offer some staff time to help co-ordinate meetings and take minutes.

For more information on Registered Tenant Organisations visit:

Being a Digital Engager can be as simple as interacting with us on social media by liking, sharing and commenting on our posts to taking part in online surveys and questionnaires.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with our latest news and to find out what is going on in your local community.

On our social media feeds you will be able to see all the properties we have available to let, pictures and stories of what staff and customers have been up to and other items of interest that we think you might like to hear about.

If you would like to get more involved as a Digital Engager you can:

  • Help test new digital services giving us hands-on feedback from your perspective
  • Provide feedback on a number of topics via email
  • Volunteer to become a Digital Champion, helping to support people in your local community become more active online

As all your feedback is done online at a time that suits you, there is no need to attend any formal meetings.

The Community Engagement Panel is a permanent engagement group which usually meet every two to three months, and is ideal for customers interested in working with us to support change within our local communities.

This Panel will work closely with our Social Innovation Lead to share ideas and take part in discussions about your local community.

Customer Focus Groups are short life and topic focussed, working closely with staff to improve service and give direct feedback and opinion.

This type of group is ideal for customers who have a particular interest in certain topics but don’t want to commit to formal meetings or deal with such things as policy reviews, strategic planning or scrutiny. It would offer a more ‘hands-on’ option for those who like to get directly involved in an activity.

The Customer Focus Group would meet on an ad-hoc basis and its lifespan would be dictated by its membership and by the topic.

Members might get involved in website review, annual report content, estate management, planning public space in new build projects etc.

Joining the Scrutiny Panel is a great way for our customers to tell us what they think, give us constructive feedback and really influence the way we develop our services.

The Panel has access to our processes and are able to choose what areas of the business they would like to scrutinise. They can request any information about our performance, as well as working in partnership with key members of staff. With a direct link into our Board of Trustees and the Executive Team, the Panel’s recommendations are heard at the highest level.

The Scrutiny Panel usually meets every two months, as a member of the Panel you can opt to access training to help you in the role and you will be supported to develop the skills necessary to help you take an in-depth look at our services.

Our Board of Trustees play an important role in ensuring that all decisions, new policies, procedures or changes to existing ones, have our customers at the heart of them. This is why we need you, our customer, to join the Board – helping us to improve our homes and services.

We are looking for enthusiastic, community-minded people from all walks of life. While you don’t need to have previous board-level experience, we would like to hear from people who can support our team in delivering our ambitious business plan.

The role of a Trustee is unpaid but is highly rewarding. Our Trustees benefit from support, developmental training and a sense of real pride and satisfaction from providing quality homes for people who need them, and while we don’t offer remuneration, we pay reasonable out-of-pocket expenses.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee click here for more information: Become a Trustee

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