Getting to know you better

Published on 27th September 2021

You may remember back in June our trusted research partners, MMC Research and Marketing, along with BHA staff were calling our customers to take part in an online survey. We are aiming to keep all our customer records up to date, and so BHA staff will be continuing these calls to any of our customers who did not complete this survey either online or over the telephone.

Please be assured if you receive a call regarding our customer survey this is not a scam call.

The survey should only take 5 minutes of your time and will make a huge difference to the level of service we provide to you. The questions in the survey are designed to make sure we have your correct contact details and will allow us to create a customer profile for you, so that we can be better informed about your personal requirements when you talk to us.

Each question has a ‘prefer not to say’ option which means you can choose what you’d like to share and what you’d like to keep private. If you are contacted, we really hope you will take part and help us #SupportYou.

Please remember if you have any queries or concerns regarding our phone survey please give us a call on 01361 884000 or you can email us at Alternatively, if you prefer you can send us a private message on Facebook @BHAThrivingCommunities


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