Are you struggling to pay your rent?

Published on 16th December 2021

We understand there may be times when you have difficulty paying your rent. Help and advice is always available, and we will make every effort to support you through any financial difficulties.

If you are struggling to pay your rent, tell us before things get out of control. Our Customer Accounts Team are here to help, they can discuss your account and make an affordable arrangement to repay any arrears, they do this by considering your income and any expenses you may have.

If you are joint tenants, remember that each member of the joint tenancy is responsible for making sure that the rent is paid in full and on time.

If you do not pay your rent, you could lose your home. We will take legal action against you to repossess your home if you do not keep to any repayment agreement you have made with us and you continue to be in arrears with your rent payments.

So, please don’t delay… contact us today by calling our Customer Accounts Team on 01361 884000 or if you prefer you can email the team at


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