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Pay your Rent

Paying your rent is vital because it keeps you safe and secure in your home. It also pays for repairs and maintenance and all the other services BHA provides. 

Pay online now using your debit card

You can pay here, directly from our website, simply by entering the amount in pounds and pence you wish to pay. After payment is complete you will receive an email receipt.

We Accept the Following Debit Cards

Payment Cards

REFUND POLICY: If for any reason you have made a payment to us in error and you are not due us any money, we will refund your payment within 5 working days.

Pay online now using your Allpay card

If you have an Allpay card you can pay online with it at You’ll need to register  first, but you only need to do this once.

Pay by phone

If you have a debit card, you can call Duns on 01361 884000 or Eyemouth on 018907 50888 and pay over the phone during office hours Monday – Thursday (9.00-5.00pm) and Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm

Pay by direct debit

Set up a direct debit for your rent to be collected automatically on whichever day of the month suits you.  All we need are your bank account details (account number and sort code) and we’ll do the rest. You can pay weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly. Please contact us to tell us your requirements so we can get this arranged for you.


If you have an Allpay card you can pay at all PayPoint outlets – for example your local Co-op or Post Office. To find your nearest PayPoint go to

If you have an iPhone or Android smart phone you can download Allpay’s mobile app and pay via your phone.

Are you struggling with paying your rent?

Please tell us straight away. We can arrange repayment terms and make sure you are getting all the Welfare Benefits you are entitled to. Doing nothing could eventually lose you your home and that is the last thing you or BHA wants. Call us on 01361 884000 (during office hours).