Investing in your home

Our planned maintenance programme for 2019

We have a number of planned maintenance programmes underway to improve our homes, and surveys of the homes concerned have been carried out to allow us to develop these programmes of works.

The tables below list the streets where we plan to be carrying out improvement works in June 2019 through to March 2020.

Where we are replacing heating systems, these will be with a gas boiler, if there is already a gas heating system in the property, or with an Air Source Heat Pump heating system if there is no gas supply available.

The kitchen upgrades will replace the units and sink, and the kitchen manufactures Joinery and Timber Creations (JTC) will have already visited your home and agreed the layout with you together with your kitchen choice.

The bathroom upgrade will include replacing the wc, wash hand basin and bath (or shower if the property has a level access shower, rather than a bath), and an over bath shower.

If your home is included in these programmes of works, we will contact you well in advance of the works, and advise you of the likely timescale, and who your contact officer will be while these works are being carried out.

Please note – your home may have recently had a new heating, kitchen or bathroom upgrade, and the street you live in is shown on these tables, we would not carry out a further replacement to your home under these programmes.

Heating replacement 2019

AytonLawfield Drive, The Crofts
BurnmouthCowdrait, Upper Burnmouth
ChirnsideCroftsfield, Crosshill, East Croftsfield, Erskine Road, Greenwell Avenue, Homes Buildings, Lammerview, Market Road, South Crofts, Windram Road, Windsor Locks
CockburnspathCallander Place, Croftsacre, Crofts Road
ColdinghamBraehead, Fishers Brae, Hallbank, Priors Walk, Abbots Row
ColdstreamDuke Street, Hillview, Parkside, Priory Hill, Victoria Place, Home Place, Leet Street
DunsAinslie Terrace, Blinkbonnie, Blinkbonnie Gardens, Briery Place, Castle Street, Earlsmeadow, Glebe Court, Glebe Park, Norris Close, South Street, Station Avenue, The Mount, Trinity Park, Bridgend Place
EyemouthAlbert Road, Glebe Crescent, Gunsgreen Circle, Gunsgreen Crescent, High Street, Marine Square, St Ella's Court, The Avenue
FouldenKerrigan Way
GavintonThe Glebe
GordonMurrayfield, Station Road
GreenlawChurch Hill, Duns Road, Wester Row, Blackadder Crescent
LeitholmCotter Lea, School Wynd, Ramsay Crescent
PrestonLaw View
RestonHolm Park, Ladeside, Main Street
SwintonCarters Wynd, Wellfield

Kitchen replacement 2019

DunsAinslie Terrace, Berrywell Drive, Blinkbonnie Gardens, Briery Place, Brierybaulk, Glebe Court, Trinity Park, Teindhillgreen, Winterfield Gardens
ChirnsideCheviot Avenue, Croftsfield
ColdstreamCameron House, Duke Street, Duns Road, Hill View, High Street, Home Place, Leet Street, Parkside, Priory Hill
PrestonLaw View
WhitsomeThe Loaning

Bathroom upgrades

AytonLawfield Drive
BurnmouthUpper Burnmouth
ChirnsideErskine Road
ColdinghamPriors Walk
ColdstreamCheviot Terrace, Parkside, Priory Bank
DunsBrierybaulk. Boston Court, Ainslie Terrace, Hawthorn Bank, Winterfield Gardens, Earlsmeadow, Station Avenue, Teindhillgreen, Cheviot Way, Bridgend Place
EyemouthMarine Square, Buss Craig Place, Gunsgreen Crescent, Deanhead Road, Coldingham Road, Teviot House, St Clairs, Haymons Cove
GreenlawChurch Hill
LeithholmRamsay Crescent
RestonThe Orchard

Painting your home

Over the year, we will be painting the outside areas in some parts of the towns and villages listed below, and we plan for these works to be carried out over the next few months as long as the weather is within the manufacturer’s guidelines!

External painting

Berwick-upon-TweedWestfield Road, Newfields
ColdinghamApplin Cross, Abbots Row, Braehead, Fishers Brae, Hallbank, Priors Walk
ColdstreamGowanlea, Priory Hill, Priory Bank, Priory Bank Villas, Victoria Place, Parkside
DunsBoston Court, Brierybaulk, Cheviot Way, Currie Place, Easter Street, Glebe Park, Station Court, Hawthorn Bank
EyemouthBuss Craig Place, Callercove Crescent, Callercove Way, The Avenue, Gunsgreen Crescent, Lairds Hill

Fire and electical safety improvements

We regularly carry out works to ensure our properties are safe, and meet the required building and regulatory standards, with programmes of work to make sure we continue to meet these standards. The Scottish Government introduced new fire safety legislation earlier this year, and we have developed a programme of works to meet these.

Fire Safety work will be carried out in 2019 in properties in Ayton, Burnmouth, Chirnside, Cockburnspath, Coldingham, Cranshaws, Duns, Eyemouth, Gordon, Grantshouse, Greenlaw, Hume, Leitholm, Paxton, Preston, Reston, St Abbs, Swinton. Surveys of the properties included in this phase of the programme have been surveyed, and if your home is included we will contact you about when the work will start and who your contact officer for the work will be.

This programme of safety works includes electrical safety checks and we will be carrying these out in a number of homes within the following areas:

Allanton, Ayton, Burnmouth, Chirnside, Cockburnspath, Coldingham, Coldstream, Eyemouth, Gordon, Grantshouse, Greenlaw, Leitholm, Longformacus, Paxton, Preston, Reston, Spittal, Swinton, Tweedmouth, Westruther.

If your home is included in this programme, we will contact you and advise you of the timescales and who your contact officer will be.

We will be surveying homes over the year, to let us develop the next phases of our improvement and maintenance programmes, and we will contact you to advise you if your home is involved in these phases.