Customer Satisfaction Survey Results


The results of our 2019/20 customer satisfaction survey are in. Thank you to the 711 of our tenants who shared their views on repairs, neighbourhoods, housing quality, value for money and how we communicate.

It seems you are happy overall with our services but there are some key areas that we need to address.

We take your feedback seriously and are already progressing actions to transform our organisation to become more customer-focussed over the next 6-18 months.

Here are the topline results from the survey:

77% of respondents are satisfied overall with our service
Good – but we would like more of you to be satisfied.

88% said that their neighbourhood is a good place to live in
Working in partnership we can do more to improve the quality of your neighbourhood such as increased community events and greater staff presence.

77% think the rent we charge is value for money
We hope to see this figure rise following our rent restructure which is designed to ensure your rent is fair based upon the size, type and age of your home.

18% said our repairs to your homes are not good enough
We will increase the number of inspections following any repairs carried out on properties to ensure the quality is kept to a high standard by our contractors.

24% of tenants who were dissatisfied with the repairs service felt we could do better at communicating progress/status of repairs
We intend to update you more frequently. You will receive regular communications on progress until the repair is completed.

21% were dissatisfied with the quality of their property.
We will communicate our plans to make major improvements to your home early in the planning,  so that you are clear about the timescales for improvements to your home.

Importantly, 79% of respondents think that we communicate well. We will continue to share relevant information on our website and via our social channels, including Facebook and Twitter.

It is important that we have the correct contact details for you so that we are able to communicate directly in relation to our services. If you need to update your email or telephone numbers please call our offices on 01361 884000 or 01890 750888 or email Thank you.

Questions & Answers

We carry out a customer survey every year. For many years, we have done this informally and, as a result, have had low response levels of 10-12%. While our scores were generally higher in these surveys, we felt it was important to encourage more responses which would in turn enable us to build up a more accurate picture of how we are performing from a customer perspective. That is why, in future, all annual satisfaction surveys will be carried out by independent research firms, aiming to achieve a 40% return rate.

We have prepared a list of stated commitments that address the key issues you have shared with us.  Some of these actions will be implemented within six months; others are more complex and will take longer, between 12-18 months.  But we are committed to delivering them all.

If you have already commented on the survey, we would love to talk to you again in more detail so that we may address your specific issues. Please fill in your contact details via the feedback button below and we will get in touch with you in due course.

If you were unable or declined to comment during the December 2019 survey, we cannot include your comments at this stage. However, we would be happy to have you join one of our tenant working groups. If you wish to participate, please contact our Community Initiative Manager on 01361 884000 and register your interest.

All questions are set by the Scottish Housing Regulator. They are exactly the same for each housing association to allow easy comparisons between organisation.