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Supporting Independent Living

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We have three Sheltered Housing Complexes, each complex features flats with their own front door and living accommodation and lifts are available.

Within our three Sheltered Housing Courts our aim is to accommodate and promote independent living, allowing social interaction with others whilst being able to offer care and support when it is needed. There are a large range of social activities and outings organised at each Court and staff continue to look at activities throughout the year to accommodate everyone’s taste and abilities.

Within the Courts, many of the residents maintain a high level of independence but benefit from knowing they have the security and support of our team if they need it.

All of our properties have a 24 hour emergency call system which provides the most up to date and best telecare service available to our tenants.

This year has seen an extensive re-modelling programme taking place at Gowanlea, Coldstream. We converted eight existing one bedroom flats into four new, spacious, two bedroom amenity flats for individuals aged over 50.

The new flats provide a unique opportunity for people to live and enjoy a communal setting without the need to engage with any of our support services.