Tenant volunteers

Tenant volunteers

The Tenant Volunteer group members volunteer their time on behalf of their fellow tenants working with the management and staff of BHA to ensure that the views and needs of people living in our properties are heard and acted on.

How they work

The Tenant Volunteers meet regularly with our staff to review polices and services. We also consult with them on any changes we are planning, to ensure tenants’ opinions are taken into account. They help to ensure we get it right for our tenants.

When they meet

The group meets bi-monthly on the last Monday at BHA’s office in Duns. Meetings start at 1:00pm and they work with our staff on a number of different topics over the course of the afternoon.

Tenant Volunteer Fund

Berwickshire Housing Association understands that it is often the small local projects and groups who make the biggest difference to their tenants. So each year a pot of money is put aside to be re-invested in our communities.
The Tenant Volunteers are responsible for deciding how this money is reinvested. Over the last few years they have been able to help a number of local causes making a real difference in our communities.

How to apply

If you have a project, event, group or school which improves the lives of the people of Berwickshire, please consider applying for funding. All you need to do is complete the application forms and return them to the address below.

Please return your completed application form to:
Tenant Volunteers
c/o Berwickshire Housing Association
55 Newtown Street
TD11 3AU

Scrutiny Panel

The BHA Scrutiny Panel was established in 2014 to work as the Associations “critical friend”, this means that the Scrutiny Panel looks in depth at the policies and procedures of the Association and the quality of the service provided to tenants.

As a tenant member you will work alongside BHA staff on the panel to review BHA policies, procedures and services to establish how the service is delivered and how improvements can be made.

To date the Scrutiny Panel has successfully reviewed several services and completed recommendation reports on the following:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • BHA Website
  • Customer Calls (Repairs)
  • Tenant Participation.

The Association is now working to implement our recommendations. You can read the completed reports at the bottom of the page.
Why don’t you get involved?

We are keen to encourage new faces onto the Scrutiny Panel and are always looking for new tenants to join. So if you want to:

  • Make a difference
  • Work with Association staff to improve the service you receive
  • Improve the community you live in
  • Ensure value for money

Please get in touch for more information by contacting us or calling 01361 884000 and asking to speak with our Tenant Communications Officer.

My story - as a Tenant Volunteer

My name is George Pickering. I am proud to be Chair of the Tenant Volunteers working with Berwickshire Housing Association since 2008 to help them improve their services to us, their tenants. When we first moved to Eyemouth ten years ago, like so many people new to a community I wanted to get involved and help make a difference where I lived.

I first got involved in the parent council at Eyemouth High School. Then in 2008 I received a letter, as did every tenant from the Association, inviting me to come along to the first meeting of what was then called the “Tenants Panel”. I quickly realised that I had the opportunity to be part of a group that would represent all Berwickshire Housing Association tenants. Which offered us the chance, by working closely with Association Staff, to make a real and meaningful difference to our homes, our communities and the lives of everyone in Berwickshire.

So it is now nearly 10 years since the first meeting and we are now called the “Tenant Volunteers”. As chair of the Tenant Volunteers I can look back with pride at all we have achieved together. And we are all looking forward to celebrating our 10th Anniversary in 2018.

It has been very interesting working with my fellow Tenant Volunteers and the Association Staff. Over the last 10 years we have been involved in:

  • Assessing the Associations policies and made meaningful changes
  • Met with other tenants to ensure their views are also heard
  • Provided feedback to our communities
  • Help re-invest in local schools, groups and project

Members have come and gone over the years, which is only natural as circumstances change, but each volunteer has contributed to our work. We are always looking for and encouraging new faces to come along and join our group. We need people with difference views and opinions so we can do the best job possible in representing the interests of our fellow tenants. We meet on the last Monday of each month, so if you are interested and want to know about what we do as Tenant Volunteers, then why not come along for a chat and a cuppa.

George Pickering