Tenant volunteers

Tenant volunteers

The Tenant Volunteer group members volunteer their time on behalf of their fellow tenants working with the management and staff of BHA to ensure that the views and needs of people living in our properties are heard and acted on.

How they work

The Tenant Volunteers meet regularly with our staff to review polices and services. We also consult with them on any changes we are planning, to ensure tenants’ opinions are taken into account. They help to ensure we get it right for our tenants.

When they meet

The group meets on the last Monday of each month at BHA’s office in Duns. Meetings start at 1:00pm and they work our staff on a number of different topics over the course of the afternoon.

Funding local projects

Berwickshire Housing Association understands that it is often the small local projects and groups who make the biggest difference to their tenants. So each year a pot of money is put aside to be re-invested in our communities.

We (the Tenant Volunteers) are responsible for deciding how this money is re-invested. Over the last few years we have been able to help a number of local causes making a real difference in our communities.