These Homes - The new way of letting our homes

These Homes - The new way of letting our homes

From the 1 April 2021 we will be changing the system we use to let our homes. We have been working together with six other social housing landlords across Scotland to create a new lettings service called These Homes. These Homes will replace the HomeHunt service we currently use to advertise, allocate and let our homes to you.

How this change will affect you

We will be making the switch from HomeHunt to These Homes between the middle of March and the start of April. We are contacting everyone who is currently registered with us on the HomeHunt service with details on how to get started on These Homes.

These Homes will look different to the HomeHunt system, but it will still work in a similar way.

How you will apply for a home using These Homes

Once These Homes is launched, you can apply for a home by following these four steps:

1. Register with us

From the 22 March 2021 you will be able to register with These Homes. If you already have a HomeHunt registration you will need your registration number so that we can match your old account with your new These Homes account. If you have an existing HomeHunt account you must complete your These Homes registration by 16 April 2021 or your account details cannot be carried over. Go to These Homes website, if you need support to do this please contact us by email: or by calling us on: 01361 884000.

2. We then process your registration

We will then process your registration. This will normally take no longer than 2 working days however, whilst we transfer to the new system this may take longer so please bear with us.

3. We advertise the homes we have available every Tuesday at 11am. You can see which homes we have available each week on:

4. You can then apply for these homes by using your These Homes account. 

It will be early April before we are advertising any properties within These Homes to ensure we have transferred everyone across to the new system.

Frequently asked questions

These Homes is our new digital lettings service, which will replace the HomeHunt system we currently use to let our homes.

You can register with These Homes from 22 March 2021. To register you will need to go to These Homes website and complete our online application. It is important that your contact information is up to date, if you need to change your email or contact telephone number, then please  email or call us on 01361 884000.

We need to make changes to our system to allow us to gather all the information we need to make sure we can offer you a home that meets your needs and aspirations.

We will be closing down HomeHunt at 10am on 19 March 2021 and will be switching over to These Homes on 22 March 2021. There will be no property advertisements until early April to allow us to transfer and input all registrations.

Please don’t worry if you are registered with another landlord who will still use HomeHunt – your registration with them will not be affected and your lead landlord will automatically transfer.

Please make sure you give yourself plenty of time to complete your online registration, as making sure all the relevant information is filled in correctly will make finding your ideal home much easier.

If you are a new customer then you can simply provide the details requested within the registration form.

If you are an existing customer registered with HomeHunt you will need your HomeHunt registration number. This is so you can keep your original registration date and means we can transfer any priority on your HomeHunt account to your new These Homes account.

If you are an existing customer registered with HomeHunt you must register with These Homes by 16 April 2021 to avoid losing your original registration date and priority pass award date.

Once you have registered with These Homes, we will contact you to confirm your application and to ask for any further information if needed. We would normally try do this within a couple of days but we are expecting over 4,000 applicants to register around the same time so it may take us a little longer – please bear with us.

You can apply for homes as soon as we start advertising on These Homes at the beginning of April 2021. Please remember if you do not register with These Homes before the 16 April 2021, you will lose your original registration date, and this could affect when you may be offered a property with us.

Yes, if you register before the 16 April 2021 you will retain your original date of registration and any priority passes.

Yes, the other landlords moving to These Homes are – ELHA, Ochil View Housing Association, Grampian Housing Association, Castlehill Housing Association, Sanctuary Scotland, and Hillcrest Homes.

Yes, new changes include:

  • Priority Passes are now included during the registration process to ensure we capture all of your needs
  • Customised searches – available properties can now be filtered to display your preferred property type and location automatically
  • Email alerts – you can set up your account to send you email alerts if a property which matches your preferences is listed

If you have any queries or need support to complete the registration process you can contact us by email: or call us on 01361 884000.

If you have any further questions or need support

Please contact us by email: or call us on 01361 884000 if you have any further questions or need support.